QUADRO provides products and integrated solutions for network security that allow companies to obtain protection of data while freeing strategic human and economic resources, thus enabling companies to follow their respective core businesses more effectively.
Companies that choose QUADRO can rely on complete, tightly integrated and easy-to-manage solutions. The innovative architecture of our platform allows us to offer always ahead, up-to-date solutions and value-added services and to remove obstacles barring companies from reaching adequate IT security levels and standards.
QUADRO focuses on providing network security products and solutions for companies and wants to represent for its customers a winning choice against market challenges and recurring investments necessary to periodically adjust and renew information security systems. QUADRO provides Datawasher ( the unique e-mail security service that runs on a proprietary, innovative, predictive technology based on artificial intelligence's techniques (stepAhead) able to keep company's e-mail free of virus, spam and other dangerous threats.